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First Generation Ghosts

Essential 1

Angry Ghosts

This Ghost in a Box is mad! He is one angry dude of a Ghost. If you can handle his hot-temper and his insane mad acceleration in a Ghostly nano second from 0 to 60, he's your Ghost!

Essential 2

Spooky Ghosts

Spooky Ghost in a Box is a classicist; a gentleman scholar Ghost of yesteryear, when Ghosts were, well..., er, Ghosts, and their chief goal was to scare and terrify the living daylights out of people.

Essential 3

Spoiled Ghosts

If spoiled rotten and over the top attention-seeking are the traits you are seeking, then Spoiled Ghost in a Box is your jam. This one puts Paris Hilton, the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan to shame!

Essential 4

Naughty Ghosts

Mischief and breaking rules are the name of the game for this true Bad Boy. Naughty Ghost in a Box won't do Saturday chores and forget respecting his elders--he beats to his own drum. A true demon!

Essential 5

Cheeky Ghosts

Maybe we are partial, but hey, every parent has a secret favorite child, and Cheeky Ghost in a Box is that Ghost. Delightfully impish and a practical jokester, Cheeky is a bowl of cherries as Ghosts go.

Essential 6

Friendly Ghost

The most well-known, low maintenance and the most chosen at Ghost in a Box is smiley Friendly Ghost. Why you ask? Because he is just so dang nice, happy and fun to be around!

Welcome to Ghost In A Box

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Wander around and meet the First Generation of adorable, collectible and utterly irresistible Ghosts in a Box.

Whether it's a feisty spirit, a smiley happy faced darling or a devilish practical jokester you wish to own, there are all possibilities available. You can even chat away on Ghost Chat with other GIAB owners to compare notes and updates on how to keep your Ghosts in their Boxes!

Check back often for limited edition Ghost accessories and other Ghost programs in future.

You will want to be first in the queue when the next Generation of Ghosts are captured, too!

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Ghost Aftercare

Shipping and Handling

All Ghost in a Box Ghosts are shipped securely sealed in a clear ectoplasm bag for extra safety. They are tricksters, so can slip out easily if care is not taken. Ghosts will be shipped out within 1-2 business days in boxes for an added precaution.

Care Instructions

For best results, never open your ectoplasm bag from its box in broad daylight and never out of doors. They like to play hide and seek, and if for any reason they escape, they are little devils to catch and put back in their boxes.

It could take a few days for your ghost to get used to its new home. For best acclimatization, keep the Ghost in its bag in the box until your Ghost demands to be released.

They like sugar, and lots of it. Hide the candy. They have also been known to steal your pet’s food. Watch’em carefully.

As a side note, Ghosts do not travel well; they hate going through security; abhor being put in the overhead bins and generally get motion sickness. Leave them at home.

Ghost Chat Forum

Join other Ghost in the Box owners on the chat forum. Here you can find suggestions, take advice, post shaming photos of your little demon’s antics, and even learn how to manage your unruly darling. It can be lonely sometimes having an invisible Ghost, so chat with other like-minded owners, and form new friends with your Ghost in a Box support team.

These Ghosts are flying off the shelves! Avoid Dissapointment by Ordering ASAP!

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